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Gorilla Productions

Taylortexas and His Band, Relapsed

Here is another example of Gorilla Productions trying to quiet the negative press. As you will read below, this is a personal account from someone who has first hand knowledge of how Gorilla Productions works.

Post 1: Gorilla Productions: Scam

Post 2: RE: Gorilla Pr5oductions Scam

Post 3: RE: Gorilla Productions: Scam

Post 4: RE: Gorilla Productions: Scam

Gorilla Productions tried to pressure the kid who posted these on the Cleveland Hardcore site to remove the posts. When the kid refused, Gorilla Productions went to the Cleveland Hardcore site. They finally caved under the pressure. This is all that remains of the original posts:

Seems as the powers that be have won as far as taking down anything they don't like on the internet.


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